Company Profile

Kencor Management Services (Private) Limited (KMS) is a Zimbabwean Company and has been family owned since 1978. It comprises of two trade names, namely National Tested Seeds and Farm Shop.

National Tested Seeds (NTS) is a supplier of quality seed, with a diverse portfolio of different seed types, including vegetable, oilseeds, small grains, legumes, grains and cereals, and has established itself as a trusted brand and a leading supplier of seeds in Zimbabwe. National Tested Seeds has in the past been mainly focused on the marketing of Open Pollinated Seed Varieties, both in respect to Crop and Horticultural Seeds. However, it has recently registered two excellent maize hybrid varieties that it expects, after the bulking up process, to be marketable in the 2015/2016 season. Both varieties are well suited to the small scale farmer market since they are drought tolerant, with one being very short seasoned and the other early to medium maturing. NTS also continues to work closely with International Research Organizations and the Zimbabwe Crop Breeding Institute to access new and improved varieties of crop seeds. It also has relationships with international hybrid vegetable seed varieties, where it tests the adaptability of their varieties in Zimbabwe and markets the seed based on the performance of those trials. It continues to seek new partners to work with internationally.

The Farm Shop is KMS’s retail division that has a network of retail agricultural input stores located in various cities and towns throughout Zimbabwe. The stores provide a one stop shop to farmers where they can purchase all their inputs, including seed, fertilizer, crop chemicals, animal health products, stock feed and hardware. The Farm Shop’s objective is to provide the farmer, whether large, small or urban with a one stop shop for all their agricultural input requirements. Farm Shop is also currently expanding its footprint both with the expansion of its own store network and with the introduction of a agent network. With the agency network, it will engage  ‘clusters’ of agro dealers which it will service with competitively priced products, as well as providing training for the agro dealers development in respect to store management, product knowledge and customer service.