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During the life cycle of tomato production there are different stages that the plants go through, this need to be managed or manipulated by the grower. This can be expressed as the generative or vegetative stages of the plant.

A seed is a “living organism” and is sensitive to the environment that it is subjected to. During the germination and subsequent development of the seedling, it is just as important to control the surrounding environment.

Both sweet and hot peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) belong to the Family Solanaceae, together with potatoes, tomatoes and bringals.

Bolting in vegetable crops refers to the plant flowering and producing seed prematurely.  In a cabbage crop this would result in the produce being unmarketable and therefore reduced income.

Over the past few years Sakata has set a new standard in the world of butternuts with a complete range of outstanding quality F1 hybrid butternuts.

The most common of all quality assurance complaints received by seed companies   relate to germination and vigour of brassica seed.  Seed companies perform a number of different types of tests in order to provide quality assurance for their products.

Brassica crops are affected by many diseases, therefore it is important for growers to determine which diseases are prevalent in their growing area and season.